Children’s Opera

Opera Grand Rapids’ Children’s Opera program provides students with the opportunity to concept, produce and perform their very own opera production as part of the Creative Connections cultural education program.

Creative Connections focuses on collaborative composition, facilitation of active music-making in diverse settings, and cultivation of one’s own creative voice. The program concludes with a student-driven performance featuring a large-scale musical composition of their own creation.

A fusion of song, spoken word, visual art, dance and instrumental music, the program encourages students to be creative, think outside the box, and develop critical thinking skills. This immersion-style workshop focuses on connecting community, enriching identity and creating a new performance piece that involves everyone’s creative voice.

Importance of Arts Education

The arts are essential. They teach students invaluable lessons—such as the importance of practice, the benefits of collaboration, and that there’s more than one way to find a solution to a problem.

Numerous research discuss the ways that arts education nurture students’ ability to succeed in school, work, and life in general. Despite the impressive benefits of arts education, many students do not have access to these quality learning experiences. That’s what makes programs such as these vital to a children’s learning experience.