Figaro gets his own ice cream flavor

Opera Grand Rapids teams up with Love’s Ice Cream (yet again) to unveil a new ice cream flavor in celebration of Opera Grand Rapids’ upcoming production of The Barber of Seville.

Inspired by The Barber of Seville’s title character–the ever-wacky, madcap barber, Figaro–the flavor features Madcap coffee ice cream swirled with a Seville orange and Fig jam. Meet the Madcap Figaro!, available for a limited time only at the Love’s Ice Cream store in the Downtown Market. The specialty flavor is available from now until May 13. Don’t miss your chance to get a taste!

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Opera Grand Rapids and Love’s Ice Cream began partnering in 2014 to bring you specialty ice cream flavors in honor of each opera production. Take a look back at the previous creations below!

A healthy extra dark chocolate flavor “The Darkest Depths of Hellth” for Orpheus and Eurydice.
Contrasting ingredients meet in “Fortune’s Fool” flavor inspired by Romeo and Juliet.
The Student Prince tenor Justin John Moniz tastes “Three Golden Apples” ice cream flavor.
Spicy yet sweet, “Orange Habanera” inspired by Georges Bizet’s Carmen
“Red Light Tango-rine” flavor for Astor Piazolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires.