About Opera Grand Rapids

Mission To foster and fulfill demand for high-quality, live opera in West Michigan

Opera Grand Rapids enriches our West Michigan community through the creativity and excellence of this timeless art form. Opera is a unique, powerful experience that moves people. Opera is also an occasion–a night out filled with music, vocal athleticism, drama, and a story with an emotional appeal that brings people back time after time.

Opera Grand Rapids began in 1967 as the dream of a handful of opera-loving Grand Rapidians. Today, we are the longest-running professional opera company in Michigan. Located in the heart of West Michigan, Opera Grand Rapids’ productions are produced and presented locally. For its productions, Opera Grand Rapids engages some of the world’s most talented artists, stage directors, conductors, choreographers, set designers, costume designers, and others, in addition to the regional Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Grand Rapids Chorus and Children’s Chorus.

Opera Grand Rapids is home to the prestigious VanderLaan Prize, a national vocal competition featuring a purse of $25,000, one of the largest in the nation. The competition is an opportunity for college-level voice students to compete for cash prizes and receive feedback from adjudicators who themselves are acclaimed opera artists.

We are proud to call Betty Van Andel Opera Center our home. Completed in 2010, the facility is the Nation’s first LEED Certified opera production facility. In the Opera Center we build our opera productions, coordinating costumes, music and staging. The building is also home to our administrative offices, costume shop, meeting spaces, and vocal suites. The Opera Center is available for rentals for special events such as weddings and concerts.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Opera is the medium by which we elevate important stories and artists. Opera Grand Rapids’ programming and artists are a reflection of our commitment to increasing diversity, and fostering equity and inclusion in West Michigan and beyond.