Photograph ©2015 jordan parham. Photos of Opera Grand Rapids, OPERAtunity 2015, in Grand Rapids, MI, April 29, 2015. no usage allowed without written permission from Opera Grand rapids . All rights reserved. Rights Controlled. copyrighted image

Details of the 2019-20 OPERAtunity schedule to be announced soon.

Middle school through high school aged students get the unique educational OPERAtunity to meet world-famous opera singers, conductors, or directors for an insider’s guide to the magic of opera.

OPERAtunity begins with a presentation and discussion from an Opera Grand Rapids artist, then a pizza dinner is served. Students will then make their way to DeVos Performance Hall with their teachers or parents to enjoy the final closed dress rehearsal.

This program is $10 per person. Registration is required. You may register a student or class.
Registration for this program also includes admission to the Closed Dress Rehearsal.