Taste buds: Meet Love’s new flavor in honor of Rigoletto.

Stop whatever you’re doing and go try Love’s Ice Cream’s new, limited-time-only flavor in honor of Rigoletto.

Sacrifire and Ice

Opera Grand Rapids and Love’s Ice Cream have collaborated to release a new small-batch ice cream flavor in celebration of Opera Grand Rapids’ upcoming production of Rigoletto this weekend.

Rigoletto, the court jester, is known to mock those that fall victim to the Duke’s seductive advances. When the Duke sets his eyes upon Rigoletto’s own carefully-hidden daughter, Gilda, the jester vows to have revenge, but a curse is cast upon him. Tragedy strikes when the vulnerable young maiden becomes a helpless pawn in her father’s quest for vengeance.

The limited release ice cream offers two flavors in one unique presentation! Sacrifire & Ice features a golden floral mint ring (mint and geranium) signifying Gilda, her world being the cool, delicate and sheltered contrast to the Duke’s. Gilda means “sacrifice” but also means “golden”. The spicy black fennel core is a stark contrast, representing the Duke’s gritty, nefarious world, and the inevitable fate of the curse on Rigoletto. Learn more about the story of Rigoletto.

For a limited time only, Sacrifire & Ice is available at the Love’s Ice Cream store in the Downtown Market. Don’t miss your chance to get a taste before it runs out!

For more information on Love’s Ice Cream and their flavors, visit lovesicecream.com.

Opera Grand Rapids and Love’s Ice Cream began partnering in 2014 to offer specialty ice cream flavors in honor of each opera production. Take a look back at some of their previous creations below!

A healthy extra dark chocolate flavor “The Darkest Depths of Hellth” for Orpheus and Eurydice.
Contrasting ingredients meet in “Fortune’s Fool” flavor inspired by Romeo and Juliet.
“Madcap Figaro!” includes Madcap coffee ice cream with a hidden fig-orange swirl, perfect for the madcap opera, The Barber of Seville.
Spicy yet sweet, “Orange Habanera” inspired by Georges Bizet’s Carmen
“Red Light Tango-rine” flavor for Astor Piazolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires.


October 13 & 14  |  7:30 PM  |  DeVos Performance Hall


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