Opera is a complex art form that brings together art in all its glorious mediums. Combining the performing arts of singing, orchestral accompaniment, acting, and dance with the visual arts through sets, costumes, lighting, and backdrops; opera is unique and truly captivating.

And we here in West Michigan have our very own local, professional Opera company.

  • The Barber of Seville - May 2017

Why Opera?

  • Opera offers special occasions of captivating, living art through dramatic narrative, alluring stagecraft, and some of the world’s most beautiful music.
  • Opera… is a Multi-layered art form
  • Opera… has the power to evoke emotions and alter perspectives
  • Opera… carries on a 400-year legacy of outstanding music
  • Opera… pushes the boundaries of the human body and voice

Why Opera Grand Rapids?

  • Opera Grand Rapids engages exceptional artists in crafting original productions for a diverse West Michigan audience
  • Opera Grand Rapids… provides opportunities to see leading international artists
  • Opera Grand Rapids… engages and fosters the talents of many local artists
  • Opera Grand Rapids… reaches diverse audiences through eclectic programming

Why is Opera important?

  • Opera is important because it enriches West Michigan with artistic experiences that create and foster a booming cultural community
  • Opera… Cultivates a cultural hub for the arts
  • Opera… Enriches our local economy and culture
  • Opera… Gives our community a Point of Pride
  • Opera… Collaborates and Innovates

It is only through your support that Opera Grand Rapids can continue to provide high-quality, live opera performances to our community. Thank You for bringing opera to life!

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