Sponsorship Opportunities

As Michigan’s oldest opera company, Opera Grand Rapids is an important part of the diverse arts and culture environment we have here in West Michigan. As a non-profit organization, we rely on generous individuals and companies to make our wonderful performances a reality. As an Opera Grand Rapids sponsor, you can be a part of the wonderful tradition of Opera in our community and help build a foundation for the future of the art-form.

For more information or details Please contact Angela Freier, Opera Grand Rapids Development Director, at 616.451.2741, ext. 106 or afreier@operagr.org

Season Sponsorships

If you are searching for a commitment that will impact the community for a longer period of time and show effects far into the future, then a Season Sponsorship may fit your needs. Season Sponsors including our Third Tier Sponsorships and other special categories support the Opera for our entire performance season and allow us to lay the ground work for all of our yearly productions, special events, and education programs

Third Tier Sponsor $10,000 pledged annually for 3 Seasons

Season Sponsor $125,000+ annually

Orchestra Sponsor $25,000+ annually

Opera in the Community$10,000 annually

Production Sponsorships

As a Production Sponsor, your company has the opportunity to support a specific Opera production and receive poignant benefits to accompany the live performances, educational initiatives, and other special events attributed to the production. Because Opera Grand Rapids is a live performing arts organization, our productions are the meat of our programming and offer the most inclusive Sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Levels
$25,000 Exclusive Production Sponsor
$15,000 Production Sponsor
$5,000–$10,000 Supporting Sponsor

Special Events Sponsorships 

Each season, Opera Grand Rapids hosts several special events for our dedicated Opera Family. These events showcase the beauty and elegance of the Opera, while also creating a fun and inviting evening for our honored guests. Sponsors for our yearly Special events receive unique benefit opportunities that are not available to other supporters including tickets for the sponsored special event that your employees and families can enjoy.

50th Anniversary Night With The Opera Gala
$50,000 Platinum Sponsor
$25,000 Gold Sponsor
$10,00 Silver Sponsor
$5,000 Bronze Sponsor 
$2,500 Supporting Sponsor 

Learn more about the Anniversary Gala.

Meet the Stars Reception
$5,000 Underwriter
$2,500 Supporting Sponsor

VIP Receptions
$5,000 Underwriter
$2,500 Supporting Sponsor

Youth and Education Program Sponsorships

As an integral part of our mission to “foster demand for live opera in West Michigan,” Opera Grand Rapids provides a wide array of youth and education programs that reach students of all ages and impact their lives through Opera performance. Each program is crucial to the Opera’s outreach, but need support from community members and organization’s to thrive and grow. The following list and Sponsorship levels for our Youth and Education Programs are just examples of the many ways you can help children and young adults in our community. We welcome new Sponsorship ideas and alternative support for these valuable programs.

Collegiate Vocal Competition
$5,000 Underwriter
$3,000 Judges Sponsor
$2,000 First Prize Sponsor, Division I
$1,500 Second Prize Sponsor, Division I
$1,000 First Prize Sponsor, Division II

Children’s Opera
$30,000 Underwriter
$15,000 Major Sponsor
$10,000 Minor Sponsor
$5,000 Supporting Sponsor

$5,000 Underwriter
$2,500 Supporting Sponsor

$5 Student Passport Program
$10,000 Underwriter
$5,000 Supporting Sponsor
$2,500 Ticket Sponsor